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Let’s face it: sometimes it feels like finding legitimate work from home business opportunities for moms are virtually impossible.

You probably already have skills of some kind: admin, audio or video editing, graphics, social media, organizing, etc. This makes it so easy to get started online since these skills are transferrable! You can work in a wide range of niches depending on your talent and interest. An online business is perfect for military spouses, parents, and travel lovers/digital nomads that long to live a flexible lifestyle. 

The good news is you can get started building a business and making money quickly! Even if you need to learn new skills, there are so many places to learn them….no worries. 

That’s how I got started as a Virtual Assistant 7 years ago as a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom looking for online business opportunities to bring in extra money. I got my very first break on Upwork. Although I had to weed through some scammers, I did land my first real paying job making $10/hour. I thought I had made it! It was that boost to my confidence that got me started on the road to entrepreneurship. But it was also that experience that left me frustrated and wanting to help other women find legitimate work-from-home business opportunities.

The Best Work from Home Business Opportunites for Moms

I’ve taken some excellent courses, group programs, and coaching over the years to help increase my skills and met some incredible women. 

All of the women I partner with are amazing mentors in their fields. I know them personally and know their programs are top-notch that get real results for the women that join their programs.

While they come at a price, I think it is well worth it. It’s certainly cheaper than a college education or the time it will figure out how to do it yourself. You will pay with something: TIME or MONEY.

I recommend following these women on social. There, you can digest their free content and open your mind to another way to live….becoming an entrepreneur!

You won’t see me sharing a lot of online jobs or side hustle videos on social media. While I totally know there is a time and place when you just need money so a job fits your needs.

I hate the word “side hustle” since I don’t subscribe to the whole “hustle culture” idea. There are times when we need to work hard and just get it done.

Whatever it is….make money, take care of a sick child, parent, or family member, life happens. And, as women, we are usually the wonder women who just dig in and get.it.done.

I want to empower you to start your own legitimate work from home BUSINESS opportunities. A job won’t help you make the money you want. There is virtually no income limit to what you can do. You can stay a solopreneur, bring on a couple of contractors, or scale to start an agency. I have seen it all!

I never thought I would call myself an entrepreneur, a business owner, much less a C.E.O. But once I got started and realized I could make a lot of money with an online business, my eyes opened.I started getting really excited at the possibilities!

It burns my butt when I see these online influencers/affiliate marketers sharing jobs and side hustles for $18 – $30/hour. They turn around and claim to be making $20K, $50K, or $100k per month. You can bet they aren’t making that much money from those jobs they share and none have unlimited earning potential like your own business will. They oversimplify how easy it is which I think is a bit misleading too.

Legitimate Work From Home Business Opportunities for Moms Pinterest Pins

Become a Virtual Assistant in 90 Days

One of the easiest work from home business opportunities for moms is a virtual assistant. 

I started 7 years back when a Virtual Assistant was barely known. Now with more people working online, a Virtual Assistant is often a must and the first hire for small businesses.

If you want to get started online and you mention it to your friends and family, it’s possible someone will know someone who needs help and would hire you. You can even start working with local businesses too. Being a Virtual Assistant has led me to meet amazing women entrepreneurs doing a wide variety of things. One of my top Clifton strengths is learner. I have learned so much and thoroughly enjoy calling myself an entrepreneur.

Over the years, I have been a Virtual Assistant, Social Media Manager, Pinterest Manager, Launch Manager, Pinterest Ads Strategist, Funnel & Website Builder, and Affiliate Marketer. The funny thing is, NO ONE in my family is an entrepreneur or business owner! So I feel really excited when I share about my business. As an added benefit, while homeschooling my kids, they have seen their mom become a business owner!

I want to introduce you to my friend Esther, who runs the Virtual Assistant Internship. If you are serious about becoming a VA, sign up to watch her FREE CLASS where she’s sharing:

  • How Much YOUR Current Work Skills Are Worth Online
  • Top Flex Time Job Options Anyone Can Start
  • The BEST Paying Entry-Level Flex Time Job I Recommend

I have known and worked for Esther personally for years. She definitely knows her stuff. I’ve even hired women from her community, and they turned out to be very talented Virtual Assistants in my business. You’re in good hands if you choose to train as a VA with her program.

Get Certified as a Master Digital Marketer

If you love marketing and are somewhat “techie,” you can make a lot of money building funnels!

Digital marketing has a learning curve, but this exciting opportunity allows you to develop high-paying skills in funnel strategy, copywriting, and design, while also helping you become a better marketer for your own business.

I am excited to introduce you to my longtime marketing mentor, Julie Chenell, and her Gorgeous Partner, Cathy Olsen. Julie was my first mentor online when I started 7 years ago! She’s a true gem and knows the inside and out of digital marketing. She worked at Clickfunnels for a couple of years and then left to grow Funnel Gorgeous with her business partner Cathy.

Julie is the marketing brains and Cathy makes it all look effortless and beautiful. NO bro marketing or ugly funnels coming from these two!

You’ll want to follow this duo if you haven’t heard of them. I met them in real life at The Marketer’s Heart conference and was a total fan girl!

Sign up for their to learn how to

As I said, it could be a learning curve but there are newbies that have joined and become “Certified Triple Threat Marketers.” I am certified (and one of the things I am most proud of) and it has brought me credibility and new clients to my business. I even about my experience and recommend it to everyone I know.

Me & Julie Chenell
Me & Cathy Olson

Start Your Own Business as a Bookkeeper

Would you believe bookkeeping is a business you can learn even if you don’t like numbers! 😱 Yes, REALLY. Read on!

Did you know bookkeeping is one of the highest-paying jobs you can do remotely and one of the best work from home business opportunities for moms?

If you’re interested in finance, but don’t want to meet the requirements to become an accountant, this may be for you. Bookkeeping is a job that lets you use your knowledge of finance or your computer skills. Plus, it’s a profitable and rewarding option. If you need a change or are just tired of corporate, bookkeeping might be your next career choice!

Bookkeeping is also perfect for moms who want to build a business online or locally!

Did you also know that you can become a bookkeeper even if you are afraid of numbers?

Accounting is a language. no math is required because the software does all of it for you. If you can type numbers, that’s all you need.

How long will it take to go from knowing nothing about bookkeeping to having client leads even with NO experience?

It’s possible to learn how to start a bookkeeping business in 60 days, even if you have no experience running a business. Simply plan to invest a few hours each week to learn and you could have an entirely new career.

Sound too good to be true?

It’s not! I want to introduce you to my friend Kristin Ingram, mom, Certified Public Accountant, and creator of Bookkeeper Training School. 

I urge you to sign up for her FREE TRAINING, 3 Secrets Busy Moms Are Using To Turn Into Highly Paid Bookkeeping Pros (While Their Kids Nap!) YES, Even if you have NO experience and HATE numbers!

She’s sharing Why BUSY MOMS actually make AWESOME bookkeepers! The #1 MOST IMPORTANT skill every capable bookkeeper must have which has nothing to do with math! How the Netflix model allows you to be in the top 1% of highly paid bookkeepers.

Kristin is an amazing friend and mentor and I can’t wait for you to meet her!

Sign up for Kristin’s FREE TRAINING to learn more!

Become a Website Designer

Are you a bit of a tech geek and like to learn new skills? Then you need to meet Julia Taylor, the creator of Geek Pack!

I learned a lot about what I know about website building and design because of Julia. My youngest daughter can also now build and design websites because of Geek Pack. She even started her own business!! (Proud Mama moment! 🙂 

GeekPack is a high-touch, low-cost learning environment ideal for mastering all the necessary skills for changing your life as a digital service provider.

Last year, GeekPack partnered with Udemy to give every GeekPack member access to more than 19,000 top-rated courses. My daughter now wants to learn programming languages and looking at a career in Cybersecurity. This comes at an unbelievably low price of $97 per month. And you get live coaching calls plus a supportive community to help if you get stuck. 

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Looking for an opportunity with lower up front time and money investments? One reason I love affiliate marketing is that it costs you virtually ZERO to get started AND you can layer it into your existing business if you already have one. Affiliate marketing is truly one of the best work from home business opportunities for moms,

You can generate additional revenue streams while building your audience. In other words, you get paid to promote products you love. This is key because you’ll want to talk about it A LOT! It will take time to establish a consistent income and grow your audience, however, your dedication to your specific niche will ensure your success. It’s so important to create different income streams, and affiliate marketing can create a fairly steady income which is key if you are in a service-based business like I am.

You’ve probably seen a blogger or influencer promote a favorite product that you went on to purchase. Businesses are looking to promote their products in different ways since ad costs keep rising. Have you ever asked a friend where she got her cute shoes? She tells you she got them at XYZ store and you run off and buy yourself the same pair? It’s the same concept but instead of the store making a free sale off of word of mouth, your friend instead would make a small commission for sharing what she likes.

Did you know some of your favorite stores and brands have affiliate programs? It’s true! Think of Target, Lululemon, Sephora, and many more. If you are interested in getting started with affiliate marketing, download my Affiliate Marketing Roadmap to help get you started

What's Next?

My hope is to be a trusted voice that you can ask any questions and get an honest answer. I only share about opportunities from people that I know personally or from programs I have purchased and found useful. Not everyone is in the same place, have the same skills or life circumstances, but I really want you to succeed and I’ll do what I can to help.

So many exciting things are planned so I hope you’ll follow along on my email list and social media. Reach out, say hi, and stay connected!

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